The Export Supply Chain Service  

The Export Supply Chain Service (ESCS) is a new initiative by the Australian Government.

ESCS coordinates insights into complex supply chain and logistics issues for:

  • Small-to-medium enterprise agribusiness, food and beverage exporters
  • government partners 
  • other supply chain and logistics stakeholders. 

What ESCS does 

ESCS coordinates insights to help stakeholders navigate supply chain issues while connectivity to international markets remains volatile and capacity diminished and expensive.

ESCS has three main functions:

  1. Shares insights with agribusiness, food and beverage exporters who may lack the resources to navigate complex international supply chain and logistics issues.
  2. Access to Austrade’s Global Engagement Managers and the Tradestart network. Austrade and Tradestart advisers provide one-on-one expertise to exporters and can help coordinate insights and understanding of pressures clients are experiencing. This will help companies adjust their strategic plans and manage export supply chains. 
  3. Coordinate and advocate for exporters on supply chain issues within Federal Government agencies, and state and territory governments.

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