Equinix is meeting Australia’s business needs for more data at faster speeds

Equinix has invested approximately US$400 million in Australia and currently operates five data centres in Australia – four in Sydney and one in Melbourne – servicing the growing business populations in Australia’s interconnectivity hotspots.

Equinix offers best-in-class facilities that allow clients to access a range of network and cloud service providers, increasing website and data speed, improving technical and security services, and cutting hardware and operating costs.

The company recently opened a A$121 million data centre in Sydney, bringing its total footprint in the city to over 15,000 square metres. Its business hub in Sydney services more than 600 companies and connects local organisations to over 225 cloud service providers, including hyperscale cloud providers Amazon Web Services, IBM SoftLayer, Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud.

Former New South Wales Trade Minister, Stuart Ayres, said that Equinix’s latest investment will help ensure businesses in the state have the opportunity to leverage world-class interconnection services. ‘These services assist in unlocking new revenue opportunities and drive growth in our digital economy,’ he said.

Equinix’s services also address high demand from Australian clients seeking quality data services at an affordable price. Through Equinix’s robust business ecosystems, it offers enterprises like Yarra City Council the opportunity to take full advantage of its major networks, cloud service providers and partners to rapidly accelerate their business. With a point-of-presence in Equinix’s data centres, cloud and IT providers such as Entrust ICT and Servers Australia can also benefit from increased flexibility, scalability and reduced time-to-market.

Consultancy firm Frost & Sullivan forecasts that the Australian data centre services market will grow by 12.4 per cent a year to 2022. The growth is mostly driven by Australia’s high internet uptake with everyday use of social media sites, web-based mail services and banking and finance.

Equinix’s presence in Australia boosts the local digital ecosystem, opening doors to the jobs of the future in complementary industries such as ICT consultancy, internet security and cloud computing.