Transcript: Cutting Edge Case Study


Ray Smith: Our contribution is often at the end of the end of the process. It might be up to us to purely edit our pictures together and turn it into a story. It might very well be up to us to create animation and special effects, whether it be for features or TV or television commercials and then bring that all together.

Here at Cutting Edge Post in Brisbane, if you walk through our offices you’ll meet anywhere up to 150 full time staff, you’ll see machinery that can do anything, from grading to editing to design to animation. Under our rooves anything can be done and as Queenslanders we’re very proud that we’re still headquartered here.

Yeah, we’ve got a fantastic wide range of clients. We’ve got everything from advertising agencies to feature film production companies, the list goes on.

You’ll see Cutting Edge’s work just about anywhere you go. You might see it at the cinemas, you might see us on the end of a movie like Hacksaw Ridge. You’ll certainly see us on the end of almost every reality TV show in Australia.

The great thing that Cutting Edge offers is talent and service. So although the barrier to entry has come down in terms of the equipment, we’ve grown a bigger barrier to entry around the fantastic people we have and how they treat our clients.

For Cutting Edge, winning the 2016 National Export Award was an amazing feeling because it’s reward for effort. It’s fantastic to be recognised for the amount of exporting we’ve done in the country and the jobs it’s created at Cutting Edge, which I think has been a fantastic thing and that’s why exporting is just so important.