MyVenue hits home runs across the US

MyVenue provides built-for-purpose next-generation point-of-sale (POS) software for iconic venues worldwide.

Spanning stadiums, arenas, convention centres, theatres and zoos, MyVenue provides built-for-purpose next-generation point-of-sale (POS) software for iconic venues worldwide. The company’s deployments have grown 250% in the past 12 months. A 2023 Australian Export Awards winner, MyVenue is focused on growing its key export markets, including the US, Canada and the UK.

Headquartered in Adelaide, MyVenue employs 50 staff globally. In under 3 years, the award-winning company has made it to the Major League Baseball. Its POS solution processes transactions for the Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, LA Angels and New York Yankees.

Agile, always-on POS systems

MyVenue is used by more than 95 international sports, entertainment and hospitality venues. Its POS software processes food, beverage and merchandise sales for service providers such as Delaware Noth, Aramark, Levy, Legends and Sodexo Live.

MyVenue’s comprehensive solution processes sales across concession, bars, restaurants, in-seat, and corporate suites. At the Miami Grand Prix, MyVenue supports 900 trackside POS terminals. Its point of difference is providing scalable, reliable and agile POS solutions tailored to the sports and entertainment sector.

Large concrete stadiums and arenas, which host thousands of fans and dozens of communications systems, are especially vulnerable to intermittent connectivity. This makes MyVenue’s offline technology a powerful selling point. Most sporting venues, for example, have a 90-minute pre-game and halftime window to generate approximately 80% of their revenue. Any disruption to POS performance can be costly.

‘Our sweet spot is adapting and scaling reliable, robust event-driven POS solutions,’ says MyVenue’s CEO, Tim Stollznow. ‘We’ve developed technology that allows venues to accept credit card transactions, regardless of the network connectivity status.’

Zooming along in the US market

MyVenue entered the US market in 2021 when minor league baseball team Kansas City Monarchs deployed its POS solution. Due to COVID-19, MyVenue secured the deal entirely via video conference calls without venturing on-site, such was the venue’s confidence in MyVenue’s value proposition.

Successful performances and strong relationships with key industry stakeholders have enhanced MyVenue’s reputation, allowing it to become one of the leading POS solutions in the sector.

‘The sector is unbelievably connected, so if you do a great job, the market can react very positively. On the contrary, poor performance can cost you dearly,’ explains Stollznow. ‘We’re now reaping the rewards because we’ve innovated, worked hard at nurturing relationships, and have managed risks, including meeting compliance requirements.

‘Following our first ballpark deployment and a pilot at Hard Rock Stadium, we were awarded the Miami Open Tennis Tournament and the Miami F1 Grand Prix, all within a matter of months.

‘Good performances led to more National Football League (NFL) stadium and college venue opportunities, including the University of Michigan, home of the world’s third biggest stadium.’

Among MyVenue’s customers are major North American entertainment destinations, like:

  • State Farm Stadium, home to the Arizona Cardinals and 2023 NFL Super Bowl
  • MSG Sphere in Las Vegas
  • AT&T Stadium, home to the Dallas Cowboys (NFL)
  • Wrigley Field, home to the Chicago Cubs.

Austrade has supported MyVenue with its growth in the US market, including being profiled as an Australian innovation success story during Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s State Visit to the US, hosted by US President Joe Biden. MyVenue is now working with Austrade to grow its profile in the UK and European markets.

‘These are powerful opportunities for a growing Aussie company,’ says Stollznow. ‘The right connections are an important foundation to global success, and Austrade has got it right. We are proud to have the Austrade engine supporting our international growth.’ 

Four MyVenue Team Members are pictured smiling in front of the 2023 Australian Export Awards Banner. One team member is carrying a trophy.

MyVenue at the 61st Australian Export Awards: left to right Tim Stollznow (CEO), Scott Babolka (Marketing Manager), Michelle Stollznow (Finance Manager) and David Ialeggio (CTO).

Australian Export Awards winner

In 2023, MyVenue won the Small Business Award at the 61st Australian Export Awards. In 2022, the company won the Emerging Exporter Award at the 60th Australian Export Awards.

‘You can’t put a figure on how important these awards are,’ says Stollznow. ‘In business, momentum is everything, and the recognition the Australian Export Awards offer has helped us accelerate growth, including attracting high-calibre team members.’

‘For exporters, the Australian Export Awards are a strong measure of performance at home and abroad.’

The Australian Export Awards celebrate the achievement of Australian businesses exporting home-grown innovation to the world. The awards are presented by Austrade in partnership with state and territory award programs.

Apply now for the 62nd Australian Export Awards.

Engineering its way to the future

MyVenue is working on real-time dashboards and alerts. It is also working on predictive modelling and AI with its Australian engineering team to help optimise labour and inventory management. By mid-2024, the company will have deployed 10,000 POS terminals worldwide.

Furthermore, MyVenue’s recycling program has saved tonnes of electronic equipment from landfill by reusing, refurbishing and selling pre-owned POS terminals.

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