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Products & Services 

  • Painting accessories, such as The “Paintwacker” paint stirrers and “Juggernaut” paint roller frames
  • Pressure relief port, designed for installation through the wall of Walk-In Refrigerated Rooms, its function is to relieve the pressure differences caused by air temperature change within the room
  • Pneumatic re/bar cutter   For use mainly in the concrete industry for cutting steel mesh for concrete foundation and floors and specialised concrete products.  Portable and so ideal for construction sites with air supplied from a compressed air cylinder or an air compressor.
  • Block ice machine - Today we have six models that are adaptable to most international electrical power supplies and two models that are powered by diesel engines. Produces ice from either fresh or seawater in containers that are immersed in refrigerated brine, in approximately eleven hours.  The refrigerating systems are pre-charged with “environmentally friendly refrigerant” and electrically wired for connection to the power supply.
  • Vibratory feeder systems  - A range of Vibratory Feeders Bowls, Linear Feeders and Centrifugal Rotary Feeders and associated machinery has been designed and developed to orientate and maintain a supply of component to automated production lines and robots
  • General engineering  - This service provides for the manufacture of specialised machinery, components, and parts for the development or repair of machinery

Company Message
NORDON PTY LTD  - is a privately owned South Australian Engineering Company originally founded as an investment company in the name of McGilton Pty. Ltd in April 1968. In April 1985, when its engineering activities began, the name was changed to Nordon Pty. Ltd.

Today, in addition to Light General Engineering activities, a diverse range of products are produced in our premises located in Adelaide, South Australia.


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Company Name: Nordon Pty Ltd
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Name: Don Garvie
Phone: +61 8 8277 9191
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