Opaline Australia Pty Ltd

Products & Services
  • queensland boulder opal
  • black opal
  • rough opal
  • opal miner
  • cutters
  • loose stones
  • cut opals
  • silver and gold opal jewellery
  • opal giftware
  • opal beads
  • boulder opal pairs

  • Our Company Message
    Opaline is a leading Boulder Opal mining company, our competitive advantage is in the production and consistent supply of rough Queensland opals.

    Providing cutters and manufacturers with tonnage and our wholesale, designer and retail customers with fine finished stones. Our factories precision cut and polish over 10000 pieces per annum.

    The 'bolda' brand and product lines are an initiative for which we are keen to develop distribution worldwide.

    Contact Details

    Company Name: Opaline Australia Pty Ltd
    Phone: +61 408 087 019
    Email: gpc@opaline.com.au
    Web: www.opaline.com.au


    56 Elderslie Street


    Name: Peter Christianos
    Phone: +61 408 087 019
    Email: gpc@opaline.com.au