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Poseidon Scientific Instruments Pty Ltd

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PSI custom designs and manufactures devices and instruments for the premium communications and defence industries. Its products are based on WA-developed low-noise and high-Q technologies. The company also undertakes collaborative research in its field of expertise.

PSI Products:

  • Sapphire Loaded Cavity Resonators: Q factor of 200,000 @10 GHz with very low g-Sensitivity.
  • Microwave Oscillators in either instrument or component format: lowest Phase Noise available at microwave frequencies.
  • Low Noise Amplifiers: Extremely Low Noise close to the carrier.
  • Low Noise Dividers: Divides the frequency and the noise performance, broadening the applicability of PSI signal sources

  • Our Company Message
    PSI aims to be an Australia-based, internationally orientated technology company aiming to generate benefits for its shareholders, staff and the community. The business focus is signal technology and directly associated applications. PSI will guard its reputation and seek to maintain high quality in all areas of business.

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    Company Name: Poseidon Scientific Instruments Pty Ltd
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    Name: Jesse Searls
    Phone: +61 8 9430 6639
    Fax: +61 8 9335 4650
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