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ARA Manufacture Pty Ltd

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  • Specialist Metal Clad Doors and Windows
  • Personal Access Doorsets Fire Rated Doorsets Intruder Resistant Doors & Windows Bullet Resistant Doors & Windows Blast + Ballistic + Intruder Doors & Windows Blast + Fire Doors Blast + Ballistic + Intruder + Fire Doors Ballistic Pass Through Drawers Intruder + Ballistic Security Counters Bio-Containment Doors, Windows & Pass Through Cabinets CBros Prison and Cellfront Doors and Windows CBros Intruder & Resistant Doors and windows for Banks & Financial Institutions CBros drop down security screens Monarch / Renlita overhead doors

    Company Message

    ARA Manufacture is part of the ARA Group. Head office & major manufacturing plant is in Adelaide. Sales offices & manufacturing plans are also in based in Sydney (Monarch / Renlita) and Melbourne (CBros). We have the capacity to satisfy all of your specialist door requirements. From large overhead doors to metal clad personal access doors and ballistic & blast doors to cell fronts, we have an extensive range of standard products and can custom design to meet with your requirements.

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    Company Name: Sealeck Doors and Windows
    Phone: +61 8 8243 7000
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    19 Taminga Street