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Supplier of Cehami whole plant extract derived from the plant Centipeda Cunninghamii for the skin care and cosmetic industries. Technical support and marketing services are provided for product development.

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Cehami: Ancient wisdom powerful Australian plant extract. Cehami is a remarkable herbal aqueous extract derived from an indigenous plant

Centipeda Cunninghamii which is now attracting much attention for its outstanding cell regeneration, anti inflammatory, anti microbial properties providing a natural, safe alternative to chemical treatment products.

Cehami is an aqueous extract which easily formulates for applications such as skin and hair care, anti ageing, cosmetics, therapeutics, self tanning, sun protection and oral hygiene.

Extensive independent research into the remarkable anti inflammatory, anti fungal and cell regeneration properties were first commenced in 1997. The results were outstanding and confirmed that Cehami plant extract contained; Anti Inflammatory - response to 200ug/ml aspirin (a good anti inflammatory drug) was at a Cehami extract dilution of 1:4000 response of the Cehami extract was extremely high. In fact >3000 more active than aspirin. Anti Fungal - against micro organisms Microsporis canis, Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus pyogenes and Escherichia coli. Cell Regeneration - tests were also remarkable. The Cehami extract was shown to increase the rate of growth of human skin fibroblast cells by 50% even at a 1:200 dilution. This implies the presence of a strong growth stimulatory substance in the extract. We offer assistance with recommended formulations, percentages, manufacturing procedures and marketing, offering a unique point of difference and a range of superior products.

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