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100% Australian grown and produced Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
  • Ollo Mild & Mellow - Delightfully sweet and soft, Ollo Mild & Mellow enhances any meal. Be creative with your cooking style and add Ollo's subtle flavour to your favourite dish.

  • Ollo Fresh & Fruity - This rich and distinct oil has characters of fresh green apples and olive aromas. Deliciously flavoursome Ollo Fresh & Fruity olive oil complements any dish - particularly grilled seafood, poultry and warm salads.

Trading with the brands Ollo Mild & Mellow and Ollo Fresh & Fruity. For more information about Ollo, please visit us at
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Cold pressed within hours of being harvested, Ollo Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of the most flavoursome of oils. Although all Extra Virgin Olive Oils have a delightfully rich flavour, colour and aroma, like fine wine, the varieties of fruit and the time of the harvesting determine their taste. Depending on personal preferences people find some varieties better suited for certain dishes. Whether you use the oil on salads, for dipping or drizzling, to fry or to baste with, Ollo will deliver that exciting and complementary taste you're looking for.

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