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Water Saving Showerhead.
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The Perfectflow Ultimate Showerhead is an innovative water saving device produced by Perfectflow Technology Pty Limited. With a 3 star water efficiency rating and 5.5 Litre per minute nominal flowrate, the Perfectflowâ„¢ Ultimate Showerhead is a high quality water and energy saving showerhead.

Australian made and developed over many years of research and development, the showerhead utilises a patented technology. The standout feature of the product is that it is not restricted, meaning the end user cannot tamper with the flow rate by simply removing a restrictor. This is a major milestone in the development of low flow showerheads.

We are interested in supplying distributors or government agencies that are looking for a high quality product that can be relied upon to save energy and water. This is a low flow showerhead that actually works and provides the end user with a fantastic but not diminished showering experience.

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