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The S.W.I.S group of companies assists local and international clientele to advantageously implement strategies that allows their firms to grow, while at the same time protecting and expanding their asset base through global investment and trading opportunities, as well as fulfilling their local and international production & consumption requirement through raw material procurement and supply.

Company Message

Our S.W.I.S Commodities Division is a traditional trading house focusing on grains, livestock, mineral, agricultural and precious & industrial metal commodities. Besides trading in house, we hold mandates with various leading international firms supporting their distribution, sourcing and purchasing requirements.

Our head office is in Melbourne, with affiliated representative offices throughout Europe, Americas, and Central & South East Australasian regions. We have a team of highly experienced professionals working with clientele in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australasia and Americas. Our focus is creating new business opportunities, identifying and developing new markets, sourcing, negotiating and managing strategic partnerships for our clientele and partners.

We form strategic alliances with local partners in order to fully understand the local dimensions of a market to facilitate decrease in costs and improve supply flexibility and efficiency. We work closely with our customers and suppliers to minimise their commodity price exposure wherever possible so they can be assured of a stable margin from their businesses and avoid speculative risk. Some of S.W.I.S Commodities supplementary services includes:

1) Assisting Local & International Suppliers / Manufacturers Reach Buyers;
2) Assisting Local & International Buyers Find Suppliers / Manufacturers;
3) Organisation Of New Distribution, Logistics & Documentation Management;
4) Conduct Market Intelligence Through Local & International Market Research & Consultancy;
5) Conduct B2B Matchmaking (Sourcing Products/Materials, Identifying Potential Customers, Etc;
6) Identify New Market Opportunities And Develop Successful And Practical Market Entry Strategies For Your Products & Commodities;
7) Establish Global Distribution Networks For Your Products;
8) Organising Pre-Shipment Inspection at International Ports;
9) Support and Lead Contract Negotiation between Major Buyers and Suppliers and Help in Contract Finalisation and Smooth Execution.

Any company that wishes to expand into international markets, increase sales and expand their global market share and competitive advantage will find our service and expertise indispensable. We can be your observer, consultant, controller, marketer, sourcing agent and can ensure your success within global markets.

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Company Name: S.W.I.S Advantage
Phone: +61 405 214 947
Email: mark@swisadvantage.com
Web: http://www.swisadvantage.com


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Name: Mark Umansky
Phone: +61 405 214 947
Email: mark@swisadvantage.com