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International company due diligence services | International investigations | International protection and security solutions | Cyber security consulting and solutions | Domestic Violence | workplace training.

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Alternative Options Security Group (AOSG) is an Australian owned investigation and security company with a global footprint. AOSG is an experienced international insurance and due diligence investigation company with vetted and trusted investigation partners strategically located around the world.

Our coverage includes but is not limited to India, Pakistan, Hong Kong, China, Middle East (including conflict zones), Africa, North America, South America, Canada, Alaska, United Kingdom, Europe, Russia and the old eastern bloc countries. Our focus is on risk mitigation services for businesses wanting to do business with overseas companies.

Please contact us before entering into any business relationship with a foreign company. We can perform the necessary background searches to provide you peace of mind.

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Company Name: Alternative Options Security Group
Phone: 1300 962 587


Tower 2, 101 Kontiki Building, 55 Plaza Parade


Name: Rafe MacLennan
Phone: 1300 962 587