Austrade's Linking Policy

Guidelines for linking to the Austrade website

You are welcome to put links on your site pointing to Austrade's website. We request that you adopt the following guidelines for linking.

Links to Austrade's site should usually be to any of the following sections below. As Austrade's website is constantly being changed, linking to other parts of the site may result in the page or service being unavailable.

Please feel free to use the descriptions provided below.

Austrade's website -
The Australian Trade and Investment Commission – Austrade – is the Australian Government’s trade and investment development agency.
Through a global network in over 50 countries, Austrade contributes to Australia’s economic prosperity by helping Australian businesses, education institutions, tourism operators, governments and citizens as they develop international markets and promote international education, win productive foreign direct investment, strengthen Australia’s tourism industry and seek consular and passport services.

Trade events -
One of the most cost effective ways to build your export business is by participating in an Austrade supported event. This site provides a current list of events.

Export Grants -
The Export Market Development Grants (EMDG) scheme is a key Australian Government financial assistance program for aspiring and current exporters. Administered by Austrade, the scheme supports a wide range of industry sectors and products, including inbound tourism and the export of intellectual property and know-how outside Australia.

Links from Austrade's website

Austrade actively promotes exporting through numerous links to other organisations. Any links to the Austrade website should not imply an endorsement or recommendation by Austrade or the Australian Government. Where a link to Austrade’s website could be perceived as an endorsement or recommendation by Austrade of a third-party website, the owner of that website will be asked to remove such links from their website.

It is not normal practice to provide links to commercial organisations through the main links sections on Austrade’s website. However, where relevant by subject, sections of the Austrade website do contain links to a range of commercial business websites.

All website links from Austrade are reviewed to ensure compatibility of content with Austrade’s objectives.