Austrade 2019 APS Employee Census

The Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) 2019 Australian Public Service Employee Census results are outlined in this highlights report (PDF). Across Austrade, 78% of staff completed the survey (819 out of a total of 1044).

Some of the main observations from the 2019 Austrade Census results include:

  • The majority of our staff expressed a strong commitment to the agency, with 80% ‘proud’ to work at Austrade and 94% willing to go the ‘extra mile’ to achieve the agency’s objectives. This is complemented by a strong belief in Austrade’s purpose and positive results in terms of pride and personal achievement.
  • Austrade staff from all backgrounds feel valued and respected at work and are keen to contribute to the success of the agency with 80% of our staff feeling that Austrade supports and actively promotes an inclusive workplace culture, and 86% believing people in their work group behave in an accepting manner towards people from diverse backgrounds.
  • Austrade is undergoing a period of transformation and there has been some expression of staff concern around the processes and impacts of change.

Austrade has seen many positive developments since the Census took place including development of an Employee Engagement Agency Action Plan which aims to increase staff engagement and support staff to thrive in our rapidly changing environment. The principal objectives of the Action Plan include:

  • Improving communication and change management around the agency’s transformation and create opportunities for two-way dialogue to increase staff engagement.
  • Improving staff understanding of how they contribute to the achievement of the agency’s strategic objectives.
  • Providing improved access to capability and career development opportunities, with specific focus on building Business, Trade and Investment Advisory Capability, digital and other skills of the future, and strong leadership capability.
  • Providing access to new and improved tools and resources to support staff to do their jobs.

Further details about Austrade’s 2019 APS Employee Census results can be found here: Highlights report (PDF).