Austrade provides information and insights about exporting and doing business in international markets. Information is available online for everyone to access. However, Austrade also offers services with eligibility requirements.

Eligibility requirements

Austrade provides information about doing business in international markets, from our network of advisers in Australia and overseas. These services are for eligible businesses.

Your organisation must be:

  • a registered business in your country. Australian organisations must have an Australian Business Number
  • seeking to conduct international business activities that:
    • bring an economic benefit to the Australian economy. This includes exporting goods or services from Australia or foreign direct investment into Australia
    • enhance the reputation of Australia or Australian industries
  • committed to obeying the laws of Australia and foreign nations, including compliance with anti-bribery legislations
  • export ready – to find out if your business is ready, you can do a self-assessment.

Complete the export enquiry form to access these services.