Grant amounts

We allocate Export Market Development Grant (EMDG) amounts in line with:

  • stages of the exporting journey
  • the relevant tiers.

This allows us to give a grant to all eligible applicants within the available pool of funding.

Each year the government allocates a set amount of money for EMDG. This is called the program appropriation.

How we decide grant amounts

We decide the final grant amounts after we assess all applications. Grant amounts are determined based on:

  • the number of eligible applications received in that round, and
  • the total funding available, i.e. the grant pool is spread across all applicants.

The grant amounts in the first round in financial year 2022–23 may be useful as a guide:

  • Tier 1 – up to $15,000 per financial year
  • Tier 2 – up to $24,600 per financial year
  • Tier 3 – up to $36,600 per financial year
  • Representative bodies – up to $90,000 per financial year.

If successful, you are offered a grant agreement that outlines the maximum grant amount the government can give you per financial year. That is if you match that amount with your own funds when spending on eligible expenses.

Find out more about matched funding.

What to do if you don’t get your expected grant amount

You may not get the grant amount you expected. If you get less than you expected, you may need to:

  • review your plans
  • adjust your spending over the grant period.

Grant caps

You can get EMDG grants for 8 financial years. You can only get a total of $770,000 under the EMDG program. If you reach this cap before the 8 financial years you can’t receive further EMDG grants. The 8 financial years don’t need to be consecutive.

The cap of $770,000 refers to money you received, not money you applied for.

For more information read section of EMDG Guidelines.

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