Reconciliation Action Plan

Austrade’s Reconciliation Action Plan ensures we take practical actions to advance reconciliation with Indigenous Australians.

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Date published 5 January 2023

Austrade’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) supports our broader business plan. It includes practical actions that will contribute to reconciliation.

Austrade’s vision for reconciliation is for all Australians to work together to improve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ lives.

We want to live and operate in an environment that recognises and embraces Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, knowledge, and cultures. We grounded our vision for reconciliation in the concepts of learning, empathy, reciprocity, and respect.

This Innovate RAP will be our fourth RAP. We aim to build on the learnings and challenges of our previous RAPs. This will strengthen our commitment to reconciliation.

Our goals and commitment

We want to:

  • set our ambitions, intentions, and plans for all to see
  • provide our people with expectations, guidelines and support
  • stimulate conversations about what reconciliation means to us.

We outline our commitment to diversity and inclusion, including reconciliation, in our Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2022-25.

We value building strong and productive relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. We recognise, value and celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ enduring connection to Australia. We know there is a deep history and seek to support its continuation.

Reconciliation Action Plan updates

This year’s update is RAP 2023 Achievements, Challenges and Learnings - Public Report.

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