Payments process for vendors

Find out about our payments process that protects our suppliers and grant recipients.

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There is a new step in our payments process. This step protects our suppliers and grant recipients by verifying their details. It reduces the chance of errors or fraud when we process payments.

We have engaged Eftsure to manage this change and improve our data. This approach will help us make your payments more quickly.

Changes to our accounts payable process

Eftsure’s software confirms your company’s data before we process your payment. You need to register as a vendor with Eftsure and validate your company’s details.

How to register with Eftsure

Eftsure contacts you by either phone or email to verify your details including banking information. Both regular vendors and one-off vendors need to follow this process.

This process may take a few days.

Updating your details

If your contact details change after you have been verified, email

Technical support

For Eftsure technical support, please call 1300 985 976 or email

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