Liu Bing

Deputy Consul-General and Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner, Shanghai

Photo of Liu Bing

Liu Bing commenced her posting as Deputy Consul-General and Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner at the Australian Consulate-General in Shanghai in Jan 2019. Prior to this role, Bing worked as Senior China Adviser, Acting General Manager, Asia, Acting Executive Director, International Markets and Asia Lead, Global Markets based in Austrade’s Sydney office.

Bing started working with Austrade in 2001, the most recent role offshore was the Acting Senior Trade Commissioner/Deputy Consul General at the Australian Consulate General Shanghai. While in Shanghai, Bing managed the Austrade East China network of offices by providing business opportunities and services for Australian entities in trade, education and inward investment.

Bing has also worked in similar roles in both Guangzhou and Beijing at the Australian Consulate in Guangzhou and the Australian Embassy in Beijing respectively from 2004-2012.

Bing holds a bachelor’s degree of Medicine from China and a bachelor degree of Nursing from Australia.