Australia-United Kingdom Free Trade Agreement

The Australia-UK Free Trade Agreement (A-UK FTA) entered into force on 31 May 2023.

The Australia-UK Free Trade Agreement (A-UK FTA) removes tariffs on over 99% of Australian goods exported to the UK. For both countries, the A-UK FTA will:

  • strengthen diversification and economic recovery
  • create new export opportunities and jobs. 

Read about the A-UK FTA on the  Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website.

UK businesses can also find guidance on the UK-Australia Free Trade Agreement on Gov.UK.

Highlights of the A-UK FTA 

Outcomes of the agreement include:

  • removing tariffs on:
    • Australian wine
    • short and medium-grain rice
    • honey
    • nuts
    • olive oil
    • most seafood
    • most fruits and vegetables
    • most processed foods.
  • duty-free transitional quotas and removal of tariffs after 8 to 10 years on:
    • beef
    • sheep meat
    • sugar and dairy.
  • improved digital trade, including new rules around free flow of data, localisation commitments, and electronic contracts
  • increased market access for financial services
  • guaranteed right to bid for a wide range of UK government goods, services, and construction contracts
  • extension of the working holiday arrangement to 3 years for people aged 18 to 35 working in Australia and the UK
  • new visa provisions to enable intra-corporate transfers and a new visa pathway to Australia for innovators from the UK
  • 2-way royalty arrangements for eligible artist resales.

Insights from UK companies in the Australian market

Learn how UK investors successfully entered and grew their business in the Australian market:

Success stories of Australian exporters in the UK market

Industry briefing videos

Watch our industry briefing webinars for insights into opportunities under the FTA. Visit our A-UK FTA YouTube channel.

How we can help you succeed  

We can help you understand specific market opportunities for your products or services. We can also provide a range of in-market and Australian-based services for: 

  • UK investors exploring the Australian market
  • Australian business looking to enter the UK.


Doing business in the UK

To learn more about visas, tax requirements, priority business and product sectors visit Doing business in the UK.

More information

For comprehensive information, please visit the A-UKFTA page on the DFAT website.

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