International investors and buyers

See how we support high-quality investment into Australia.

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Austrade has about 65 locations across the world. Our network of advisers and industry specialists offer tailored support to:

  • help potential foreign investors with opportunities and contacts
  • connect international buyers with Australian producers.

Do business with Australia

Austrade is a first point-of-contact for all investment enquiries.

We partner with Australian state and territory governments to offer helpful insights into potential opportunities. We can also help you find the right contacts in industry and government agencies in Australia.

To find out what we offer foreign investors, visit Global Australia.

Benchmark report

Our annual benchmark report details the advantages of choosing Australia as an investment destination.

Explore the Why Australia Benchmark Report 2023 on the Global Australia website.

Buy from Australia

Australia is a global supplier of a vast range of bulk commodities, niche manufacturers and services. 

Australian products and services help you:

  • reduce costs 
  • increase market share 
  • fill a gap in your global supply chain. 

To help you explore Australia’s industry capabilities, contact our international network of experts.

Meeting responsible business standards 

Austrade is committed to reducing abuses of human rights, modern slavery, money-laundering and bribery in domestic and overseas markets.

All organisations operating in Australia or overseas should be aware of and adhere to the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises. The Guidelines provide principles and standards for responsible business behaviour, consistent with applicable domestic laws. The Guidelines are endorsed and promoted by the Australian Government.

Before engaging in any overseas markets, all organisations should conduct thorough due diligence to ensure that their employees, contractors, suppliers, partner organisations, or any other third parties are all meeting the responsible business standards expected by the OECD.