Australia India Future Skills Initiative

Helping to match Australian training expertise with opportunities in India.

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About the initiative

The Australia India Future Skills Initiative (FSI) is a 4-year program delivered by Austrade. It is helping Australian skills-training organisations identify and develop partnership opportunities in India.

The initiative covers all types of Australian training organisations. It includes universities, Australian Registered Training Organisations, and Technical and Further Education (TAFE) colleges. It also includes dual-sector universities and skills institutes. We help them to:  

  • understand the demand for skills training in India
  • connect with universities and colleges in India, Indian businesses, government agencies, learners and employers
  • set up strategic partnerships in India.

In today's globalized world, collaborations and partnerships play a key role in strengthening world economies.

India, one of the youngest demographics and fastest growing economies and Australia, a leader in education, training and research have been steadily growing their partnership to set new standards of international cooperation.

The Australian Trade and Investment Commission also known as Austrade promotes Australian trade, investment and education to the world.

To strengthen the Australia-India partnership the Australian government has launched the Future Skills Initiative. 

This initiative aims to help India and Australia partner for success in vocational education and skills training.

This 4-year program will support India to upskill its booming workforce through partnerships with Australian skills training providers.

The Future Skills Initiative supports the alignment of Australian training expertise with Indian partners and stakeholders in support of India's emerging labor force ambitions.

The initiative facilitates collaboration between Indian universities, training institutes and industry partners with Australian tertiary skills training providers.

There is a strong opportunity for Australian and Indian institutions to collaborate on the delivery of joint skills programs, short courses, micro-credentials, virtual live capstone projects as well as ongoing projects such as skills centers of excellence and partnerships in support of specific industries.

If you are an Indian university, training institute or industry partner looking to collaborate with an Australian skills training provider or an Australian university, TAFE, RTO or edtech company seeking to partner in the Indian skills ecosystem, then reach out to us at

So welcome to a new standard in international skills collaboration.

Objectives and goals

The priority sectors for this initiative are:

  • Digital tech, including applications for AI, Blockchain, and virtual reality (VR)
  • Energy, including renewables, mining, energy and METS
  • Healthcare, including medical training, nursing and care roles
  • Infrastructure and logistics, including rail, smart cities, construction, safety and supply chain.