Approved inbound tour operators

Inbound tour operators approved for the China ADS scheme ensure a quality tourism experience.

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Inbound tour operators (ITOs) approved for the China Approved Destination Status (ADS) scheme are responsible for ensuring ADS tourists receive a quality tourism experience.

To check eligibility or apply to reactivate your previously approved ITO’s status, visit the China Approved Destination Status scheme page.

List of approved inbound tour operators

Current ADS-approved ITOs are listed in alphabetical order by company name in the table below.

This table was last updated on 28 May 2024.

Company NameTrading NameABNDate Joined
A CHINA TRAVEL PTY LTD 6211925759129-Mar-18
All Link International Pty LtdAll Link Travel4909427752213-Mar-15
Apple Tours Pty Ltd 906098410811-Mar-19
Atrip Pty LtdUluru Chinese Tour/Uluru Astro Tours/Darwin Chinese Tour7460054667415-Feb-24
Au Kings Group Australia Pty LtdAUK991387257293-May-16
Auga Travel Service Pty LtdEasy Australia Tour6309289785711-Oct-10
Aus Highway Travel Services Pty Ltd 496038655962-May-16
AusAsia Travel & Service Pty LtdPerfect Tasmania Holidays4715332773826-Aug-16
Ausino Tourism Pty Ltd 3715156838425-Mar-15
Australia and Beyond Holidays Pty Ltd ATF Australia and Beyond Holidays Unit TrustAustralia and Beyond Holidays4158421238510-Jul-17
Australia Comfort Travel Group Pty Ltd 376055369453-Jul-18
Australia International Culture & Education Exchange Centre Pty Ltd Master Tours Group 681513319761-May-12
Australian Tours Management Pty Ltd 3313308577511-Oct-11
Bernley Enterprise Pty LtdPTC Express Travel3205430715812-Oct-11
Best Friends Travel Pty LtdBest Friends Travel1308320664220-Mar-24
Blue Travel Pty Ltd 4007016000210-May-11
Boss International Group Pty Ltd 1516676759514-May-24
Cathay Uexpress Group Pty LtdUexpress Group5015217349614-May-11
Chan & Lam Pty LtdPackage Travel1100387772710-Nov-10
Cheers Travel Pty LtdCheers Travel1462502580914-Mar-19
China Travel Service Pty LtdChina Travel Service (Australia) Pty Ltd.7600300390518-Feb-15
CNS Travel Pty LtdCNS Travel Pty Ltd2113742608514-May-12
Cultural Exchange Consultancy Pty LtdCultural Exchange Tours201159777985-Oct-11
Dixon Travel and Tour Pty Ltd 3407261560814-May-12
Easy Going Travel Services Pty Ltd 7960844620620-Jun-17
Equity Consulting Services Pty LtdEquity Travel291046296474-Oct-11
Ever Sun Travel Pty LtdEver Sun Tours & Travel4408153294311-Oct-11
Evergreen Cactus (Australia) Pty LtdE. C. Travel6808667213914-Oct-11
Fatty Tour Pty LtdFatty Tour7461227422717-Oct-19
Golden Dragon Travel Pty Ltd 4309136391412-Oct-11
Grand Aust International Pty LtdGrand Aust Tour641437223924-Oct-11
Grandcity (Australia) Travel & Tour Pty Ltd 7206769223711-Oct-11
Grandview Travel Pty Ltd 5761216030816-Feb-24
Great Holidays Tour Services Pty Ltd 7316552234122-May-15
Honey Trading Pty LtdHoney Travel & Tours Agency330519901428-Dec-15
HSY Travel & Tour Pty LtdHSY Travel & Tour Pty Ltd9360151263610-Mar-20
Kangaroo Island SeaLink Pty LtdKangaroo Island SeaLink / SeaLink Travel Group / South Australian Travel Company6900712236724-Nov-10
Make Trips Pty LtdMake Trips Culture and Education Exchange Centre3360953628115-Feb-24
Max Explore Pty Ltd 8161853152513-Jan-20
Myosotis Holiday Pty Ltd 3712690013210-Nov-10
New Asia Pacific Travel Pty LtdNew Asia Pacific Travel2309858052030-Jun-06
New Star Travel Services Australia 1815652956515-Oct-12
Ocean Blue Travel Pty Ltd 971619313993-Feb-15
Odyssey Trading Pty LtdOdyssey Travel5307755428021-Apr-15
Ozdream Tours Pty LtdOzdream Tours6267179876215-Feb-24
Pacific Union Fortune Group Pty LtdAusilver Tour5715495839918-Apr-18
Pioneer Travel Australia Pty Ltd 6212532608919-Jun-14
Redmud (Australia) Pty Ltd 131249240725-Mar-13
Redrock Capital Pty LtdRedrock Business Development1414977865629-Aug-12
Sino-Australia Culture Exchange Group Pty LtdSino Travel Service781269089233-Nov-15
Sosinky Pty LtdFortune Dragon Group8710263521815-Jun-17
Sun Bo Pty LtdGolden Dragon Travel City1515913525222-Feb-16
Sunland Holidays Pty Ltd 471018465575-Oct-11
Tranquil Travel Service Pty LtdTranquil Travel Australia660869706585-Oct-11
Transglobal Travel Service Pty LtdTransglobal Tournet Australia9200014916412-Oct-11
Travel Mart Pty Ltd 5700364412014-May-12
Trustee for the Royal Discovery Holiday Unit TrustTrustee for the Royal Discovery Holiday Unit Trust9021962770116-Oct-19
Western Safari Pty Ltd 5560083246021-Mar-18
Winglong Travel Pty Ltd 9708803629314-Oct-11
Wonderful Travel International Pty LtdWONDERFUL TRAVEL7861118199230-Jan-24