Trade services

We provide tailored trade support to eligible businesses.

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Our trade services help Australian businesses expand in overseas markets. We help businesses:

  • assess market potential
  • develop export strategies
  • find valuable contacts overseas.

Some businesses can also access financial assistance.

Services we provide

Getting ready to export

We can provide specific advice that helps businesses get ready to export. This includes:

  • determining export readiness
  • developing an export strategy
  • assessing market potential.

Making the right connections

We help businesses better understand their target markets and achieve export success. We use our extensive global network to build helpful connections. This includes:

  • introductions to in-market service providers, such as law, tax and accounting services
  • facilitating business matching
  • organising in-market experiences.

Providing support in-market

We offer hands-on support. We do this in response to specific client needs in unique market conditions. We provide:

  • practical assistance such as visa letters of support and certification of export documents
  • promotional activities that raise a client’s profile
  • troubleshooting for specific problems, such as market access barriers.

We have advisers in Australia and in our international offices who deliver our services. 

Eligibility for Austrade services

Our tailored support is for businesses that meet eligibility requirements. 

Eligibility requirements

To meet Austrade’s 4-point eligibility check, your organisation must pass these tests:

  1. Registration – you must be a registered business in your home country.  For Australian exporters, this means having an Australian Business Number (ABN).
  2. Net benefit – your activities must show a net economic benefit to Australia.​​​​​​​
  3. Ethical business – you must meet your legal obligations and maintain high standards of business ethics.
  4. Best interest – working with your organisation must be in the best interest of the Australian economy, the Australian Government and Austrade. It must pose no substantial risk of harm to the reputation of Australia, the Australian Government or Austrade.

How to access services

To access these services, complete a: