10 November 2023

Australia’s nation brand gains rank to 9th in world

Australia has risen to be ranked the world’s ninth strongest nation brand according to the annual Anholt-Ipsos Nation Brands Index, up one position since last year. 

The Nation Brand Index measures the global standing of 60 nations according to six categories: People, Governance, Exports, Culture, Tourism and Immigration & Investment. Australia scored in the top ten across all categories and for its natural beauty – found to be the most important reputational aspect driving the desire to visit a nation - Australia ranked first.

Australia ranks third globally on the strength of its people who are seen as friendly and welcoming, and considered appealing both personally and professionally. Australia is also perceived to offer the highest quality of life in the Asia-Pacific region.

Sustainability is becoming an increasing priority for foreign investors and travellers, and Australia is very well-positioned to benefit. Australia ranks ninth for sustainability, first for being focused on protecting wildlife and restoring habitats, and tenth for working towards affordable and clean energy.

Austrade’s Marketing and Communications General Manager, Jessica Hamilton, said she was delighted that Australia has risen to ninth in the Nation Brands Index. 

“The high level of favourability of Australia, along with our reliability and trusted reputation, reflect our position as a preferred trading partner in the Asia-Pacific region,” Ms Hamilton said.

"Our rankings in sustainability bode well for Australia as we strive to become a renewable energy superpower.”

The ranking of a nation’s brand – the way the nation is perceived and its influence – correlates strongly with its economic prosperity, according to Ipsos’s Head of Corporate Reputation and ESG, Sally Braidwood.

“As one of only two APAC nations to rank in the global top 10 in this year’s study, Australia’s strength reflects its broad appeal as a place to live, work, study, invest and visit. The importance of this broad appeal can’t be understated in the context of the world right now. Australia’s position as a stable and respected nation is critical both in the region and globally, and brings great opportunity,” Ms Braidwood said.

If a country has a strong international reputation, its businesses gain an edge in a competitive global market. The Export index examines whether knowing where a product is made increases the likelihood of it being purchased (also known as the ‘made-in effect’). Australia ranked ninth globally on this measure, having made gains from 2022 results.

Austrade is the custodian of Australia’s Nation Brand, a national brand that has been developed to showcase Australia to the world, with free brand assets that Australian businesses and industries can use.

“Australia’s Nation Brand is instantly recognisable as being Australian,” Ms Hamilton said. 

“It crystallises the Australian story - a country where bright ideas and innovation happen, a place people come to study at our world-class educational institutions, a source for quality goods and services, and a reliable hub for investment and economic growth.”

Australian businesses can register to access more than 500 free assets from Australia’s Nation Brand Toolkit.

About the Index

The Nation Brands Index has measured the perception of nations around the world since 2008. Over 60,000 online interviews were conducted in 2023 across 20 panel countries with adults aged 18 or over, measuring the perceptions of 60 nations.

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