4 July 2023

Australia’s Nation Brand scores at FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™

In a major win for Australia, our distinctive nation brand will be seen by global audiences during the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023™.

The FIFA Women’s World Cup™ Trophy Tour is currently returning to cities in co-hosts Australia and New Zealand for its final leg, having visited 30 international stops.

The FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 is the latest in a line of significant events to showcase Australia’s Nation Brand. In 2022 it was featured at COP27 in Egypt, Asia Fruit Logistica in Bangkok, GamesCom in Germany, and during the Prime Minister’s visit to Indonesia.

Austrade General Manager, Communication and Marketing, Jessica Hamilton, welcomed the opportunity during the Adelaide stop of the Trophy Tour.

“Australia’s Nation Brand will be used during the opening Matilda’s game in Sydney on 20 July, which will not only be viewed by attending football fans but will also be watched by more than one billion people globally,” Ms Hamilton said.

The brand will appear on a rotating board positioned on the halfway line at Sydney’s Olympic Stadium, the Matilda’s remaining group matches in Brisbane and Melbourne, and will also feature at other tournament matches held across Australia.

“Australia’s Nation Brand is much more than a logo. It offers Australian businesses and associations a suite of more than 440 free marketing assets and resources to promote Australia internationally and currently more than 700 organisations are using these assets.

“This allows us to tell the rich and diverse stories of Australian businesses and the talents and ambitions of the people who drive them.

“It shows international audiences that we are as famous for our smarts as we are for being friendly and down to earth. We are a country that drives breakthroughs in science, technology, medical technology and energy, and we offer world-class products in education, culture, and entertainment.

“Australia’s Nation Brand at the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 aligns with Australia’s commitment to gender equality, empowerment and celebrating the exceptional talents and achievements of female athletes from around the world,” Ms Hamilton said.

Fast facts:

  • Austrade is the “custodian” of Australia’s Nation Brand and we promote and tell the stories of Australia’s people, places and their products across trade, investment, international education and the visitor economy.
  • Australia’s Nation Brand can be used by any Australian businesses who hold an Australian Business Number when promoting products or services internationally, and by industry associations and organisations, and Federal, State, Territory, and local governments.
  • Co-created with Indigenous designers, Balarinji, the brand elements are inspired by ancient stories from the Dreaming and embedded with a cultural richness that speaks distinctively of Australia.
  • Nation Brand is an ‘umbrella’ brand to create a more unified presence for Australia on the world stage. The Australia logo includes a kangaroo bounding forward which reflects Australia’s optimism and is formed by a contemporary expression of three boomerangs.
  • The head is the hooked ‘7’ boomerang used in ceremonies as a percussive instrument for song and dance, and tells the story of Country, of belonging and of living sustainably. The body and tail are boomerangs used for hunting or foraging for food, to defend clan and country, or to connect with softwood to spark fire.
  • They embody the spirit of Yamulhu awara ambary, meaning ‘Good Country up ahead, good feeling for the future’.

To learn more about Australia’s Nation Brand visit: www.brandaustralia.com

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