10 May 2024

Largest Australian delegation to attend World Hydrogen Summit

The Australian Government is bringing 48 Australian companies to World Hydrogen Summit (WHS) in Rotterdam from 13-15 May 2024.

Australia has a A$127 billion (€77 billion) pipeline of 95 hydrogen investment projects of which 15 have now passed final investment decision (FID).

The Australian delegation at the Summit consists of major Australian project developers and groundbreaking Australian innovators that lead the way in the commercialisation of hydrogen technologies. It is also host to Australia’s leading research institutes, industry organisations and key policy makers.

‘This is Australia’s third consecutive year at the World Hydrogen Summit, and each year our delegation has grown. Australia’s major hydrogen players are represented here in Rotterdam. This demonstrates our country’s commitment to becoming a global hydrogen superpower, and our intent to work in close collaboration with our European partners to build a hydrogen supply chain from Australia to Europe,’ says Annika Barton, Trade and Investment Commissioner for the Netherlands, Nordics and Baltics.

Australia is on track to be the largest net-exporter of low-emissions hydrogen by 2050

Australia’s low-emission hydrogen production via water electrolysis is forecast to reach close to 6 metric tonnes by 2030, which would make Australia the second largest net-exporter of low-emissions hydrogen by 2030 and on track to be the largest by 2050.

Australia is set to be a global hydrogen leader with a thriving domestic hydrogen industry delivering cost-effective hydrogen for local use and export as either an energy carrier or in the form of goods manufactured using hydrogen.

‘We have extensive renewable and non-renewable energy resources that can form the basis of low cost and large-scale production of low emissions hydrogen. We also have the technical skills and a long history as a trusted, reliable energy and resources exporter to become a global hydrogen leader,’ says Barton.

There are major opportunities in Australia for investment in export-scale projects, innovative hydrogen technology, sourcing and joint manufacturing of green metal and hydrogen transport solutions.

Australia is a leading hydrogen innovator

Australian companies are developing highly innovative technology across the value chain of renewable hydrogen. These innovations receive considerable interest from industry around the world.

Australia’s Rux Energy uses patented nanomaterial technology to tackle the energy transition’s most challenging problem related to hydrogen; storage.

‘The technology works like a sponge to absorb hydrogen, enabling storage at higher densities. This could cut port carbon emissions by 90%,’ says Dr Jehan Kanga, Founder and CEO of Rux Energy.

Rux is attracting interest internationally with trials underway in the UK and the Netherlands.

Star Scientific has patented Hydrogen Energy Release Optimiser (HERO®) technology can unlock clean, carbon-free heat for industry and communities. Tests have achieved up to 700 degrees Celsius in around 3 minutes.

‘Our HERO technology can help companies that need continuous 24-hour heat and is currently being piloted for Mars Australia’s food manufacturing facility. It can also be used to provide clean, affordable and safe power to communities with limited or no access to energy,’ says Matthew Hingerty, Deputy CEO & Head of Business Development for Star Scientific. 

Australian startup Vireo Energy uses artificial intelligence and optimisation to increase the reliability of hydrogen production facilities and reduce operating costs. The solution is designed to help next-generation hydrogen producers streamline their electrolyser plant operations.

‘We estimate that our solution could save hydrogen producers up to 19% of annual energy costs,’ says Dr Steven Percy, Founder of Vireo Energy.

Government support accelerates development of the Australian hydrogen industry

Last year the Australian Government announced it would invest up to A$2 billion (€1.2 billion) in the Hydrogen Headstart Program, to fund large-scale hydrogen production projects to accelerate development of the global hydrogen industry.

In December 2023, six applicants were shortlisted and invited to submit a full application in the next stage of the $2 billion Hydrogen Headstart Program. Three applicants form part of the Australian delegation at the Summit: Stanwell, Origin Energy and CIP Murchison. Together, the six applicants represent a total electrolyser capacity of over 3.5 GW across various end uses, placing them amongst the largest renewable hydrogen projects in the world.

For further information on the Australian businesses attending download the 2024 Australian Hydrogen Projects and Capability Directory.

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