5 October 2022

Austrade helps natural cosmetics company into Central Europe

Australian natural cosmetics producer, BWX, has signed a distribution agreement with a major Czech importer.

It means one of the largest drugstore chains in the Czech Republic will list 5 Sukin Signature Skincare products. The agreement also covers Slovakia and Hungary.

Austrade played a pivotal role in the breakthrough deal. Local advisers introduced BWX to 3 potential partners in the Czech Republic.

Melbourne-based BWX will now launch 33 products on Notino, an online retail platform. Notino is one of the biggest cosmetics and perfumery e-tailers in Central Europe.

Australia’s amazing beauty and wellness industry

BWX’s home-grown natural brands are part of the global natural beauty and wellness movement. The company’s vision: to create amazing products and experiences that make people feel better about themselves and their natural choices.

The company’s market-leading brands span multiple personal care categories. They include the leading skincare brand Sukin.

BWX has offices in Melbourne, California and the UK. The company sells its brands in Australasia, the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

BWX selects a local distribution partner

In 2022, BWX wanted to expand into Central Europe. Austrade advisers in Prague played a vital role by identifying potential importers and distributors.

This included a business partner-matching service. This helped BWX to identify 3 potential import partners. Austrade advisers also arranged virtual introductions.

Executives at BWX were cautious because the partners were unknown to BWX. However, Austrade advisers assured executives that their preferred partner would make an ideal distributor, based on its existing business.

The deal will enable BWX to sell across multiple retail channels, and in Slovakia and Hungary.

Austrade services in Central Europe

BWX recommends the Austrade service.

‘I worked with Austrade in the Czech Republic and its partner-matching service,’ says Clair Brutnall-Coles, EU Senior Account Manager for BWX. ‘The service included introductions to potential customers and distributors.

‘From the start of the project, the Austrade team were professional. They shared their invaluable local knowledge to arrange meetings with appropriate distributors who offered the best fit for our business goals.

‘Thanks to this exceptional service, we have a signed an exclusive 3-year contract with an experienced, well-connected partner. We are already achieving great results with product listings in 2 of our key target retailers for the region.’

Why Central Europe for skincare and beauty products

Austrade’s Business Development Manager for Central Europe, Pavlina Cilenti, says the Czech Republic is open to new brands.

‘Many new beauty and personal care brands made an appearance in 2021, despite the effects of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic,’ she says. ‘Most of these new brands sell exclusively via e-commerce.’

She reports that the clean beauty trend boosted demand for natural and organic beauty and personal care products in 2021.

‘Consumers seek non-toxic beauty and personal care products, and focus on simple formulations,’ she says. ‘Sales of at-home skin treatments continued to rise in 2021. Facial masks, anti-agers and moisturisers performed well, especially premium variants and dermocosmetics.’

Go further, faster with Austrade

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