Australian logistics tech firm leverages the UK FTA

MobileDOCK is advanced cloud-based logistics software that provides ‘air traffic control’ for commercial loading docks. The software is the brainchild of Melbourne-based logistics expert Bestrane.

MobileDOCK helps logistics companies reduce transport costs and wait times, and lower emissions.

Austrade has worked with Bestrane to expand in the UK. Austrade’s UK-based advisers introduced MobileDOCK to the UK property technology market in 2018. Austrade advisers are now helping Bestrane understand the tax implications of the new Australia-UK Free Trade Agreement.

Aussie tech delivers ultra-smart logistics

Bestrane was founded in 2004 and today it’s a great advertisement for Australian business technology. In 2015, Bestrane designed a clever, web-based loading dock-management system that enables logistics companies to plan, monitor and automate dock movements in real time.

Major global brands have adopted Bestrane software in Australia. They include drinks giant Coca-Cola and the Star Entertainment Group.

Today, more than 10,000 companies and 30,000 users are registered users. MobileDOCK enables companies to navigate tricky logistics bottlenecks around the world, from Sydney’s iconic Opera House to urban renewal developments in the Middle East.

In 2022, MobileDOCK was spun out from Bestrane into a separate entity. This has enabled the company to increase its focus on delivering quality application software and helped power international growth.

Expansion in the UK

MobileDOCK was ready to scale in 2018 – and Austrade was ready to help. Austrade took MobileDOCK to the 2018 PropTech event in the UK. Since then, Bestrane has expanded rapidly in the UK.

Alberto Oliva, Senior Business Development Manager at Austrade UK, says Bestrane has a clear vision.

‘The company wants to build partnerships in sectors such as airports, exhibition centres, security services and retail,’ he says. ‘At Austrade, we helped them identify key UK players in these sectors. We facilitated introductions to decision-makers that helped them grow in the UK market.’

Britain’s blockbuster grocery-delivery company, Ocado, is now a customer. Ocado is recognised as one of the world’s largest online grocers. In Australia, Ocado also works with Coles supermarkets.

Leveraging the Australia-UK Free Trade Agreement

Bestrane’s founder and Managing Director, David Sanders, says Austrade helped the company find a distribution partner in the UK.

‘Austrade has helped us identify the positive tax nuances around the Australia-UK Free Trade Agreement,’ he says. ‘These will very much help to free up trade and minimise withholding tax.’

Sanders knows it takes time to establish in new markets. But he values the close working relationship MobileDOCK has with Austrade, and hopes to build Bestrane’s business across the UK.

‘We are passionate about working in increasingly agile, connected and collaborative ways,’ says Sanders. ‘We want to be known for delivering innovative, operationally focused solutions that add value to our customers’ operations.’

Smart software can lower emissions

MobileDOCK hopes to incentivise greater sustainability, including in the UK. This will help clients meet investors’ Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals.

In the UK’s iconic Olympia entertainment site, for instance, the software could provide options to prioritise electric vehicles over diesel. By reducing traffic bottlenecks, the technology is also helping reduce food waste for agrifood clients.

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