5 July 2023

Have your say on the strategic refocus of the EMDG program

Austrade is consulting on options to improve Export Market Development Grants (EMDG) outcomes. 

The consultation is in line with the Australian Government’s decision to better align the program to its trade diversification and other policy priorities and improve program outcomes.

Consultations will be open from 5 July to 11 August 2023.

Commitment to improving the popular program

The EMDG program has for almost 50 years contributed to Australia’s economic prosperity by supporting Australian businesses to expand internationally. By supporting marketing and promotion activities, the program plays an important role in helping Australian businesses enter new markets and diversify their exports.

The Government is committed to ensuring the EMDG program:

  • increases the number of new exporters
  • supports market diversification
  • remains a sustainable program into the future.

The Government has asked Austrade to consult and provide advice on how the EMDG program can be refocused.

‘EMDG will continue to deliver significant funding to support small and medium businesses to start and diversify their exporting. This is an important opportunity to support businesses and stakeholders to provide ideas on how to refocus the program to deliver improved benefits in line with the Government’s trade diversification priorities,’ says Sam Palmer, General Manager of Visitor Economy and Client Programs at Austrade.

‘This refocus follows the 2022 EMDG Operational Review that told us balancing the level of interest in EMDG with the available funding is critical to ensure the popular and valued program can provide effective support for Australian businesses,’ she says.

EMDG refocus consultation paper

Austrade has developed an EMDG Refocus Consultation Paper that builds on the Operational Review suggestions. The consultation paper identifies different ways to:

  • support Australian exporters to develop new markets
  • ensure support for exporters
  • improve program sustainability.

Download the paper at EMDG refocus consultation.

We are seeking your feedback

We want to hear from you about the options raised in this consultation paper as well as your practical ideas for ensuring the program’s sustainability. To participate in the consultation process, anyone can:

  • write a submission and respond to the questions raised in the consultation paper. Send your submission to Austrade by 11 August 2023 through the EMDG Secretariat at EMDGpolicy@austrade.gov.au
  • join an external online workshop to discuss the options identified in the consultation paper – see EMDG refocus consultation for workshop dates and how to register
  • complete the survey, which will open shortly and close on 11 August 2023. We will notify all EMDG Update subscribers when the survey opens.

Findings from this consultation will help inform advice to the Government, so that necessary decisions can be made, new rules and guidelines developed and program changes implemented.

You can find more details at EMDG strategic refocus consultation.

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