New agriculture Export Service to make it easier to get agri-goods overseas

The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry has launched the agriculture Export Service. 

The new online Service will make it easier for Australian exporters to get goods overseas.

The Export Service allows agricultural export businesses to manage their information and interactions with the department in one place. In the future, all agricultural exporting interactions will be managed through the Service.

New functions rolled out in stages

The department is rolling out the Export Service in stages, adding new functions at each stage.

Right now, users can use the Export Service to:

  • register their establishments with the department
  • change their establishment’s details online
  • manage corrective action requests from audits.

Meat processing organisations can also view hygiene data on a performance dashboard.

The Export Service is available to most commodities. The department will add non-prescribed goods and live animals in future stages.

Give the Export Service a test run

The department invites agricultural exporters to sign up to the Export Service. To register and start managing your interactions with the department online, visit agriculture Export Service.

Modernising Australia’s agricultural export trade

The Export Service is part of the Australian Government’s program to modernise how agricultural exports are regulated. More online services and less red tape is helping exporters get their produce to market faster. It is also safeguarding Australia’s reputation as a reliable, high-quality agricultural exporter.

For more information on the work happening to improve agricultural exporting, visit Transforming Australia’s agricultural export services.

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