Complementary Medicine to China

The China Complementary Medicine Report provides an overview of the current market landscape.

Date published
1 August 2022
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The 4 major areas in China’s complementary medicine market are:

  • vitamins and dietary supplements (VDS)
  • herbal and traditional products
  • weight management products
  • sports nutrition.

VDS represents the largest space with a market value of A$40.1bn in 2021. (Source: Euromonitor, Vitamins and Dietary Supplements Market in China (2021), accessed 8 September 2022.)

The report includes information for Australian providers on:

  • distribution channels
  • regulations
  • market entry strategies
  • trends and opportunities.

Key findings

China’s complementary medicine market size exceeded A$70bn in 2021. The market is projected to reach A$92.5bn in value by 2026. This is a 5.8% increase over 5-years. Millennials and generation Z have become major purchasers. Cross-border ecommerce has emerged as the most realistic way for international brands to enter the market.

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