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8 Jun 2021


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2021 Australia-China Early Childhood Skills Training Dialogue and Showcase

About event:

Austrade and the Department of Education, Skills and Employment (DESE) invite interested education providers to participate in the 2021 Australia-China Early Childhood Skills Training Dialogue and Showcase, which focuses on Sichuan Province and West China. The event is supported by the Education Department of Sichuan Province.

Demand for early childhood education continues to grow in China, driven by a rising middle class. The increasing importance of the sector is reflected at the government level. The preschool sector had the second largest increase in funding among all the stages of general education in 2019. The Chinese Government has accelerated legislative reforms in early childhood education to support and develop the industry.

This event will be conducted virtually for Australian participants and will enable education providers to gain first-hand insights into local demand and operations, and to develop links with representatives from authorities and institutions in Sichuan and West China

Please note, this event is still under development. Details will be confirmed as they become available.

Who should participate:

CRICOS-registered Australian education and training providers with strong capability in Early Childhood (both in the vocational and higher education sectors)

How to apply:

Complete the Expression of Interest Form.


Application deadline:

28 April 2021

Please note:

Austrade will only work with clients that maintain appropriate business ethics, and demonstrate a commitment to legal obligations including anti-bribery laws, both in Australia and overseas markets. For further information, please visit

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