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1 Jul 2020



11:00 AM - 12:00 PM


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Session 2: IFIs COVID-19 response packages

About event:

Insights into the COVID-19 response packages of the Asian Development Bank, World Bank, and other donors in Asia Pacific.

The global economy could suffer between US$5.8 trillion and $8.8 trillion in losses equivalent to 6.4% to 9.7% of global gross domestic product (GDP) due to the COVID-19 global pandemic .Since the initial outbreak, IFIs have reprioritised and topped up their aid funding to affected developing countries to support their efforts in addressing the extensive impact of the pandemic on local communities and economies. Whilst healthcare and social protection have been the immediate priority, broader programs are looking to support governments, academia and industry through finance, knowledge, and partnerships. Over US$22 billion has been allocated to the Asia Pacific region by key IFIs.

This session will outline the various programs IFIs are deploying in the Asia Pacific region, the streamlined procurement processes and ways in which Australian organisations can offer their relevant expertise, products and solutions.


  • Austrade introduction
  • Outline of IFIs
    • Role of IFIs, project cycle and flow of fund
    • DFI introduction
    • Total IFI funding in top sectors (Global vs Asia Pacific)
  • IFI funding for COVID-19 response to-date. Who are mobilising funds and where will this funding go?
    • Medical supplies procurement
    • Supply chain support
    • Enhancing innovation for impact
    • Digital Solutions
    • Communication
    • Other.
  • Sample Projects with relevant opportunities (e.g. digital health, education, health infrastructure)
  • Private sector response to COVID
  • Sample case studies on capturing IFI opportunities
  • Medium and Long term opportunities
  • Solutions expected to be in-demand post-COVID
  • Recommendations and best practices for Australian companies
  • Q&A
Who should attend:

Australian businesses and education and research institutions with expertise, products, technology and solutions in all sectors covered by international development (e.g. infrastructure, transport, energy, water, health, education, agriculture, etc.)

  • Dave dela Cuesta - Head of Asia Operations, Development Finance International, Inc.
  • Dianne Tan - Manager, Development Finance International, Inc.
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