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11 Aug 2022



11:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Education and Training

Austrade Webinar: Engaging with Bilingual Schools in China

About event:

Austrade China is planning a Webinar in August 2022 on enhancing engagement with bilingual (international) schools in China.

The webinar, aimed at Australian universities, will provide advice on strategies for building connections and promoting strengths to bilingual schools to help generate increased future student leads.

The webinar will also provide updates on China’s bilingual school sector. Bilingual schools account for the largest share of international schools in China, serving Chinese students rather than expatriate families. These schools are a significant source of students for Australian universities.

The webinar features an expert speaker, Karen Tang, Director of Counselling at Dipont Education Group. Dipont is one of the largest education groups in China. Karen works closely with Dipont’s partner schools to establish college counselling programs. Dipont’s network of over 100 counsellors have supported more than 30,000 graduates from over 30 schools over the past ten years. 

The webinar aims to address pain points for Australian institutions in engaging with bilingual schools, to support more effective engagement and encourage more students to choose Australia for their international education.

Who should attend: CRICOS registered Australian Higher Edducation providers

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Danielle Zhou

Business Development Manager, Austrade Guangzhou

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