Beyond Tourism 2020 Strategy

Steering Committee Report to Government: Invitation to Comment

In February 2018, the Australian Government established the Beyond Tourism 2020 Steering Committee to shape Australia’s next long-term tourism strategy to commence in January 2021. The Steering Committee comprised nine senior industry leaders from across the tourism and hospitality sectors: Kerrie Mather (formerly Sydney Airport), Todd Coates (formerly Sydney BridgeClimb), Karen Bolinger (Association of Australian Convention Bureaux), Cinzia Burnes (Helloworld Travel), John Hart (Australian Chamber – Tourism), Harvey Lister (AEG Ogden), Andrew Williams (Dransfield Hotels & Resorts), Clark Kirby (Village Roadshow Theme Parks) and John O’Sullivan (Tourism Australia).

The Beyond Tourism 2020 Steering Committee submitted its report to Government in December 2018. In February 2019, the Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment launched a consultation process to seek industry and governments’ views on the report. The next long-term tourism strategy will extend out to the year 2030. This consultation process will provide valuable insights in shaping the trajectory of Australia’s tourism industry.

Austrade invites views from interested parties on the Beyond Tourism 2020 Steering Committee’s vision for the next long-term tourism strategy. The following questions can be used as a guide to help inform your comments on the proposed vision, but you do not need to limit your contribution to these topics.

Consultation questions

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Future trends: What do you see as the future trends which will shape and change the industry over the next 10 years?

Regional dispersal: Given that growth in tourism beyond 2020 will mainly come from inbound visitors, particularly those from the Asian region, how can we achieve greater dispersal into our regions for longer periods of time? Should there be specific targets set for international visitation to regional Australia?

Data: What role do you see data analytics and segmentation playing now and into the future?

Technology: What technological advances do you think will shape the sector over the next 10 years? What legislative and regulatory amendments are needed to better facilitate the adoption of new technology to meet the diverse needs of the future traveller?

Indigenous tourism: How can industry and Australian and state and territory governments better coordinate and support the development and continuation of Indigenous tourism businesses, experiences and offerings on a national basis?

Infrastructure/seasonality: What kind of tourism infrastructure investment should be prioritised to encourage all-year-round visitation to Australian tourism icons affected by seasonality?

Employment: How can the tourism industry improve career perceptions and create career pathways to attract new workers into the industry?

Australian expertise: Looking beyond tourism demand and supply, how can the next long term strategy seek to leverage the export capability of Australian tourism businesses?

Aviation: What are the missing links in Australia’s aviation network, including ‘secondary’ international hubs and domestic regional locations?

Social licence: How do we better message the social and economic benefits of the tourism industry to the Australian community to ensure ongoing social licence to operate?

Resilience: How can the Australian tourism industry ensure it is resilient to the impact of global shocks beyond 2020 (economic, political and environmental)?

Title: What is the appropriate title for the strategy?

General: Any other comments

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