11. Scale your business

Once you are operating effectively in your overseas market, it is time to consider whether or not you should scale your business by taking greater market share, developing new products/services or expanding into additional overseas markets.

Before scaling your business, it is important that you analyse your organisational capability to ensure you can meet additional demand.

  • How will scaling your business affect your brand image?
  • Do you have the required capital to meet initial costs?
  • Does your business have a healthy sales cycle?
  • Are your business operations optimised and running smoothly?
  • Are your customer experiences and your business processes optimised and running smoothly?
  • Does your business have a healthy customer base with a solid pipeline of prospects?
  • Does your business have the necessary storage space, infrastructure, and technology?
  • Does your supply chain have capacity to meet additional demand?
  • Does your business have adequate human resources - both locally and offshore?

If you are planning to scale your business by expanding into additional markets, consider the above and revisit each of the key considerations.