Austrade's Landing Pads

We provide specialised support for Australian technology companies seeking to grow internationally. You can get support to validate your market entry plans; or advice and connections as you scale into global markets.

About Landing Pads

Austrade’s Landing Pads are a network of specialised programs to support Australian technology companies to expand globally. These programs are delivered in collaboration with partners deeply embedded in their local tech ecosystems. They are part of Austrade’s services to Australian business.

You should consider support through the Landing Pads if you are a technology company that is:

  • Export-revenue positive, and considering entering into one of the markets where a Landing Pad is located; or
  • Established in global markets or ready to scale internationally.

You can seek support through our Landing Pads to:

  • Prioritise markets, validate market entry plans and check readiness for expansion into new markets; and
  • Seek advice, connections and introductions to help execute on market entry, and scaling into international markets.

The Landing Pads are located in San Francisco, New York, Bengaluru, Shanghai, Singapore, London and Tel Aviv.

The Landing Pads in London, New York and Singapore include a focus on fintech and related sectors.

The Landing Pad in Bengaluru, established in 2022, is part of the Government’s commitment to expanding technology business links with India, under the India Economic Strategy.

Who is eligible?

The Landing Pad program is primed to support Australian technology scale ups that are market-ready with the potential for rapid growth and have:

Your business can describe and communicate your objectives and vision for growth

Your business has proof-of-concept, existing customers, funding, investors and partners

Your business has the ability to deliver a product or service to 100 or 1 million customers

Your business has the ability to disrupt the marketplace and articulate their value proposition

Innovate. Accelerate. Go global.

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