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The Australian Landing Pad @ betahaus

The Berlin Landing Pad is delivered with betahaus – one of Berlin’s best known locations for startups. While based at the Berlin Landing Pad you’ll be introduced to to other international startups and major German and European corporations, have access to investment opportunities and have your business nurtured to accelerate new technologies and business ideas.

Why you should land your business in Europe

At the Berlin Landing Pad you’ll receive:

  • introductions to mentor networks and strategic partnerships designed to drive growth.
  • access to a community that supports Australian entrepreneurs.
  • advice and programming designed to help grow your business.
  • access to Europe's innovation and tech hub.

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Michael Henderson

Senior Business Development Manager

Michael works with market-ready Australian startups and scaleups looking to break into one or more European markets. An Aussie by way of the UK and Canada, Michael has been working in trade and investment at Austrade's Frankfurt post since 2016. He looks forward to connecting Australian startups and scaleups to business partners, customers and investors across Europe.

Berlin Landing Pad Alumni

2thinknow offers specialised skills and insights in innovation derived from data science, data algorithms and data analysis which can be applied to so ...
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Allow Me
Mystery Shopping for the Hospitality Industry
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CADwalk applies the latest in augmented and virtual reality to the design of high-value spaces.
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CLICKnRIDE solves dirt, enduro and adventure motorcycle rider’s top 3 concerns – breaking indicators, keeping safe and complying with road rules.
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Excise Cloud
Excise Cloud is a service for microbreweries that manages excise tax commitments within minutes, saving 2-12 hours each month.
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FlexeGRAPH produces breakthrough cooling solutions using nano enhanced fluids for engines, batteries, data centres and power generation.
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Gnarles is a platform for filmmakers to discover and licence songs from emerging artists.
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LexX Technologies
LexX Technologies provides digital intelligence for efficient maintenance.
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Link Digital
Link Digital is an end-to-end Data Architecture Firm with expertise in Open Data Portals, Data Workflow Development, and Dynamic Visualisation Systems ...
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Liquid State
Liquid State empowers healthcare organisations to manage and deliver the right communications to the right people on the right devices.
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List Co
List Co. is the world’s first smartphone platform offering media contact lists for consumer-focussed small businesses.
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Neocot is a state-of-the-art solution for the intensive care transport of premature or critically ill infants.
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RxMx applies systems innovation to re-engineer risk management strategies and patient support for medicines.
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SPEE3D has developed a revolutionary high speed, 3D printing process for metals that makes parts in minutes
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Working with freelancers shouldn’t be this hard. Speedlancer delivers extraordinary results by expert teams, in as little as 4 hours.
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STYYLRKIDS is an online curated kids store, bringing Australian boutique brands in one place, making for a seamless shopping experience.
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Universal Site Monitoring
Australian company who manufacturing the next generation of personal safety monitors via connectivity and IoT systems.
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Vivify Textiles
In Vivify Textiles, our vision is to reduce fabric waste from landfill by recycling them back into textiles supply chain.
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YarnLab is focused on building supporting services for Cisco technologies that include Unified Communications, Telepresence and Spark.
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Berlin success stories

"Europe is a powerhouse in advanced manufacturing with strong profitable automotive and chemical sectors. The perfect place to scale a business in advanced materials"

Shannon Notley, Founder of FlexeGRAPH, participant in the Australian Landing Pad program

Why betahaus

betahaus is a coworking space and community for people who want to work on their own projects while exchanging knowledge, ideas, and inspiration with others. betahaus aims to foster entrepreneurship, creativity, rapid prototyping and innovative product development.
"betahaus is the go-to place in Berlin for startups and entrepreneurs – to exchange knowledge, inspiration, and ideas, to work together and grow business. We’re excited to have Australian startups here, and to make them part of the community."

Maximilian von der Ahé, CEO & Cofounder

About Berlin

Central Europe's innovation hub

Since 2015, growth in Germany has outpaced other European tech regions including the UK, Sweden and France due to landmark funding rounds by national ventures. Germany had 46 companies among the 1,000 publicly listed companies worldwide with the highest R&D spend, and filed the largest number of patents in Europe in 2014, ranking third in the world after the US and Japan.

The birthplace of startups

With its vibrant, creative culture and extensive ecosystem of incubators and accelerators, Berlin is ideally positioned as a landing pad site for emerging Australian companies.

A 2015 EY report (PDF) found that Berlin had become synonymous with creativity and innovation in Central Europe. The city has the fastest-growing startup ecosystem in the world, with a new business founded every 20 minutes, according to a 2015 Compass report. Every year around 500 new digital technology companies start up in Berlin. The city's notable startups include Soundcloud, 6Wunderkinder, ResearchGate, Number26 and Delivery Hero.

Extensive venture capital network

Berlin has a well-established innovation ecosystem of incubators, accelerators, investment firms and angel investors with a deep understanding of supporting startups. According to Germany Trade and Invest, Berlin attracted A$2.8 billion in venture capital during 2014, with angel investors funding startups across areas like healthcare, ICT, advanced manufacturing, smart transport and energy.

Access to multinationals

Berlin's success as a startup hub has attracted attention from technology multinationals such as Microsoft and Google. Coca-Cola, Axel Springer and Deutsche Telekom have a track record of opening incubators and initiating accelerator programs to identify appropriate startups, which they then provide with intensive support over a period of time. Allianz, Bayer, BASF, BMW, Bosch, Daimler, Lufthansa and Siemens are also investing in startups.

Strong commercial ties with Australia

Australia and Germany have a solid commercial relationship based on strong investment ties – more than A$100 billion in two-way investment. Germany is also one of Australia's key science collaboration partners, with 516 active bilateral agreements between Australian and German institutions.

Gateway to the European Union

The Berlin Landing Pad will provide access to Germany – the world's fourth-largest economy and the largest economy in Europe. In addition, the Berlin landing pad will also act as a gateway for Australian startups to access a network of opportunities and locations across Europe.

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In addition to the Landing Pad program, startups and scaleups have the opportunity to take part in a themed, tailor-made boot camp on subjects ranging from user interface design to pitching to investors. The boot camps are delivered four times a year with only 10 startups or scaleups participating.

Bootcamps Participants

Our global team works with major car rental reservation systems and a network of digital agencies that are able to deliver solutions on our platform. ...
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A Smart Platform for connected fleets: a global, software platform designed to coordinate and manage connected assets.
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Spot Parking
Spot aims to revolutionize the way cities and other asset owners manage, communicate and receive payment for their parking assets.
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Super Loci
Super Loci analyses the movement of people, bicycles and vehicles to improve decision making and design of streets and public places
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