About CADwalk

CADwalk is an interactive, 300sqm visualisation facility used for the design of high values spaces and workflow optimisation using patented, augmented reality technology proven to reduce design time by 80% and at 50% of the cost compared to traditional design methodology.

CADwalk empowers users, with no prior knowledge of Computer Aided Drawings, to walk through their CAD drawings in up to a life-size scale and collaboratively make real time changes to the design by moving physical trackers attached to virtual objects. All stakeholders in the design process are invited to the CADwalk design workshop, including project managers, architects, operators and engineers, to walk through a life-size visualisation of their design and collaboratively optimise the layout of space and the workflows within them. Other services include design advisory, CAD modelling, change management and virtual reality services for immersive design validation.

CADwalk is the future of visual decision making.

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