About 878TEN

878TEN is the world's only Universal Digital Identifier (UDI). It provides a single Smart Label to identify any entity (be it a person, vehicle, house, drone, IoT device, contract, or anything else that can be given a label) and allows any information, services or applications to be associated with that entity. Service Providers within the 878TEN ecosystem can seamlessly share permissioned information about any 878TEN UDI.  878TEN gives ownership of personal data to the individual, turns big data into huge data, and relationships between UDIs can be established and described by roles, responsibilities and entitlements.

878TEN is an enabling technology that supports mega-trends, such as FinTech, Digital Identity, hyper-personalization and the Internet of Things.

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Founders: Dave Greenwood, Antony Corel, Alex Nikolov

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