AXIS Energy Group (AEG)

About AXIS Energy Group

Axis Energy Group Pty Ltd is an Australian company that offers innovative potented and technically superior technology that generates electricity from wind, marine tidal and river flows.

Our vertical axis wind turbines are specifically designed for turbulent flows encountered in the built environment. They provide on-site sustainable energy generation suited to remote and limited footprint sites providing 9 times greater power density than solar. Our modular turbines produce more power than other vertical axis turbines, are self-starting, safe, silent and scalable to commercial clients' needs. Modular, off the shelf interchangeable components provides major cost savings in manufacture, transport, installation and operation and maintenance. The technology is price competitive and integrates with solar installations, reducing the amount of battery storage required.

Our first proof of concept site will be operational June 2018. We are currently seeking investment to fund the global commercial roll out of the technology.

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Founder: Peter Kittel