About SIEMonster  

SIEMonster is a start-up made up of seasoned security experts providing low-cost Cyber Security monitoring tools to protect companies from the ever-growing cyber threats.  SIEMonster began in Melbourne Australia when it designed and deployed an open source SIEM, SIEMonster into Bluescope a global steel producer. With that success, companies from around the wold requested the same solution for their organisations. 

SIEMonster is a low-cost turnkey, open source, enterprise Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system built on scalable, open source licensed components, fully developed for all companies both small and large who want to detect and monitor security threats to their organization. SIEMonster provides a like-for-like product with that of other commercial products at a fraction of the cost.  Using open source, companies can not only modify the code to suit their business but also, not tied to a specific vendor.

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