About Xandra

Xandra is a conversation design agency on a mission to bring more humanity to technology.

Xandra makes brands accessible, personable, and ready for conversations at scale. Through designing branded experiences on voice assistants and messaging platforms, Xandra improves the way brand engage customers daily. A pioneer in conversation design for messaging, Xandra has capabilities spanning multiple platforms, including Facebook Messenger, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home, with global experience delivering services on emerging technologies.

Xandra’s suite of services for conversational interfaces include persona design, bot development, conservation design, and conversational consulting.  This unique approach includes collaborating closely with brands and agencies to define a unique personality and voice for the conversational experience--meaning more intimate engagement with target audiences, better retention, and strengthened brand relationships.

Xandra believes conversation is the new frontier of interaction design. By uniting creative writers with programming, Xandra delivers conversations with character that are fluid, responsive, and purposeful. 

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Founders name: Jess Thoms, Madeline Rawlings, Zach Johnson