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About BAI Games

BAI Games is an Australian company specialising in game-based learning which has just launched WenHu – a new way to learn Chinese characters.

WenHu is an app for learning Chinese characters. WenHu is the world’s first Chinese character-reveal app, with Mandarin words broken down into their much simpler components, which are progressively revealed until players recognise the correct translation.

Learning Chinese characters can seem daunting. The ‘Light bulb’ moment is the realisation that, while there are tens of thousands of characters, they are made up of a much smaller number of repeating components and radicals.

WenHu improves the recognition of Chinese characters by focussing on the components/radicals of characters using app based gamification. Content is designed to highlight the semantic and phonetic components/radicals, which can indicate the meaning and pronunciation of words. Three game-modes cater to different learning styles and players are incentivised through an extensive list of achievements together with their global ranking.

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Founder: Veronica Borrett