Trendwise™ by Inhouse Group Pty Ltd

About Trendwise™

Trendwise™ deploys proprietary IoT sensors, as well as leveraging existing real-world infrastructure such as municipal Wi-Fi networks, to deliver highly contextual, previously unknown location and visitor behaviour analytics. Trendwise monitors the ‘health’ of precincts and assets by passively analysing pedestrian activity 24/7, throughout shopping malls, multi-store retail, outdoor signage, transport or entire cities. 

Government and businesses can understand and attract the most desirable customer profile by creating efficient, highly targeted campaigns to exceed strategic objectives. Easily import additional location-based data streams such as point-of-sale, weather or social media and access Trendwise layered insights through the live, intuitive online dashboard, or via bespoke interrogation and reporting.


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Founders name: Clinton House