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About CEC Systems

CEC Systems is an industrial technology company building integrated solutions to complex global challenges facing the shipping and logistics industries. Collaborating with industry and regulatory stakeholders, CEC Systems continues to challenge conventional thinking in order to drive innovation. Focusing on removing inefficiency; generating better returns on investment; and achieving real environmental benefits across the supply chain, a comprehensive range of products and services, combined with a strong focus on research & development ensures we continue to purse Simple, Efficient, Affordable and Safe (SEAS) technologies to support and enhance global trade.

With the world’s first semi-automated collapsible shipping container, COLLAPSECON, at the forefront of our shipping and logistics technological innovations, CEC Systems’ researches and develops integrated solutions to the complex challenges facing these industries. The COLLAPSECON container collapses to a quarter of its full size and can be combined with three other units to achieve a 4-1 collapsed ratio. As a solution, COLLAPSECON saves the shipping and logistics industry up to 75% of their costs to handle, transport and store empty containers, as well as reducing their overall environmental impact.

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