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ebilities is a world leader in the provision of online mental agility tests for pre-employment assessment. The tests are designed for use anywhere in the world to identify high potential candidates with the learning agility and problem solving skills needed for success in 21st century workplaces. It enables recruiters to have confidence in their abilities to make timely decisions without the 'derailing' influence of overconfidence or underconfidence.

ebilities have constructed their tests from the ground up for use in both established and emerging markets. The test are available in a number of Asian and European languages, and can be taken on computers, tablets or mobile devices.

Ebilities MAS tests can be easily integrated into any talent managment platform or accessed via a secure portal with a range of subscriptions available to suit SMEs through to large-scale recruitment for MNCs, RPOs and global staffing organizations.


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Founders: Mark Cadman & Clare Lewis

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