About GreenSync

Founded in 2010 GreenSync is an energy-tech company that is pushing the boundaries towards more flexible and decentralised grids, keeping grids stable and efficient whilst absorbing more renewable energy, with the goal of reducing energy consumption through behaviour-change programs.

By 2012 GreenSync capitalised on the power of automation and control: giving businesses the ability to ‘set and forget’ and save money through more powerful technology and is working with Australia’s leading electricity retailers and network providers.

In 2017 GreenSync launched deX a decentralised energy exchange marketplace that facilitates an exchange between market participants. deX lists buyers and sellers, records agreements between them, manages event handling and verifies both parties meet their obligations. This decentralised and diverse marketplace reduces the need for costly, large-scale infrastructure. It creates a more secure, affordable, reliable and cleaner energy grid for everyone.

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